Sunday, 3 March 2013

This seems too improbable to be possible. The notion that a Spirit so holy might indwell me. The concept that God would breathe a living power to reside within and enable me to see?! Please, you have to be joking me, this is surely a truth that must be too good to be true?!
So, can we take a step back, lets just be clear here - God's son, the Son of man, walks middle east dusty sands and is man-handled , broken and has nails driven into His bloody hands. Strung out on a tree, to bleed for me for what must have seemed like forever, so that I can see the good side of eternity? He knew such Father-intimacy yet cried a final breathe like 'Dad, why did you forsake me!?'. And then this Saviour's life that started in a virgin's womb culminates in a flesh-torn body being dumped in a tomb. There must have been a far bigger picture being outworked, I can only assume!?

This terrible tragedy might just be the build-up to a greater heavenly strategy. Whereby, God goes to the grave, exhumes Himself and like an encore returns to the stage, amidst disciple applause and Roman rage. They all thought He'd been defeated and gone home but the whole thing had just shown that when God faces the darkness and defeats sin and death, the Devil's cover is blown. Satan's ultimate weapon against us - stealing our life - will be overthrown. With the power of a nuclear drone, Jesus rolls away the ten-tonne tombstone and strides confidently back to His throne.

Heaven's greatest treat - His work now complete, blood-washed robes now replaced with a clean sheet and a new path that guarantees we can steer clear of Hell's heat. His life, death and then resurrection, reveals to us a new direction. No more laws, arks or man-made works - It's a life-changing offer for us lustful, greedy jerks. A redemptive deal-breaker so amazing, broken hearts no longer hurt!

He promises to walk before us, lead us, teach us, forgive us and introduce us to the Father. Some think He's mad, bad or just a liar, but I know which life I'd rather. On my own I'm ALWAYS weak - He's strong; He's right - I'm ALWAYS wrong. I know if I go alone I'll royally screw it up, so I'm gonna cling tightly to Royalty's loyalty and trust Him to bear this cup.

So back to this Spirit He sent. It'll teach us daily how to go where He went. It's an invisible but tangible force, so powerful it'll make the busiest doers pause for thought. It brings fuel to our Father-fire and passion to our Son-desire - allows us to see them more clearly and brings glue to the Trinity community. I need them far more than these three need me.

Allow Him to work into your life today - the way He'll make you alive will leave you with everything and nothing to say - mouthfuls of speechless. He's totally unimpeachable, none of this is deceitful and if you doubt me, my God, He is constantly reachable. It's not about old hymns and dusty pews - take your cues from this culture-challenging Jew - each day with Him is new and fresh like morning's due. A radical so extraordinary He'll reshape your world view. 

From start to finish this journey will unveil a love victory that will never neglect, bore or diminish.