Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's been some time since I posted on here. But a quick glance on my Facebook wall has prompted me again.  

Much of my Facebook wall in the last few days has been consumed with people making reference to the tragic reality of life and death. A young mother losing her fight with cancer; a comedian celebrated the world over commits suicide; and the genocide of innocent families in the Middle East. Three topics that my friends and loved ones have all been commenting on.

As I walked back home from work, weaving in and out of the crowds of people - young/old, white/black, able/less-able, collared/casually-dressed - I was reminded of just how important people are. 

People are SO important - whether that's people we know and love or the guy sitting next to us at the bus stop. People are so, so precious.  

It's easy to forget that, especially when you live in a place like London, where busyness and business are all-consuming. It's also easy to forget that when you have social media to hand - allowing us to remain 'connected' with people while actually having no input really into their life.  

But God loves life. His most precious of creations isn't the Blue Whale or the Rocky mountains. It's not the iPhone I'm writing on or the plane flying overhead. It's you and me. He is ALL about people. And He is all about giving real meaning to the lives of those people He invented. All 6-7 billion of them.  

A very quick glance on social media reveals that we live a life that screams out for a purpose. Something by which we can get an explanation for the ups and downs connected with 'life'.

God knew we'd need that explanation. He also knew that we'd get caught up in trying to make an explanation happen by ourselves. That we'd fill this life with distractions and excuses, when all the while the answer is found in people. Or one person, more accurately.  


The Bible spells it out nice and plainly for us. It says in the book of John: 'In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.' (chapter 1 v4). 

We really care about people. When everything is stripped away, the 'stuff' we collect in life is of little value - people are the thing of infinite value. And God sent His son, to be an actual person, who would live in our shoes so that we'd have the opportunity to realise how much the Father loves us and has a plan for our lives - one that can be free from the the tremendous weight of our own sin.

He is completely for you and wants to show you what a life built on Him can look like.  

If you'd like to find out more, my church will be running an Alpha course in a few weeks time. It's a course that has helped change my life. 

Go to www.everyday.org.uk/alpha if you'd like details.