Thursday, 30 May 2013

John 19 - read it and weep

There's something about the murder of Jesus that will forever stop me in my tracks. 

In my daily Bible reading, I have just read John 19. A brutal and detailed depiction of what happened to God in the final moments of his human existence.  

There is one parallel that runs through the chapter - the actions of others and Jesus' response.  

As you read through the sequence of shocking events, you see the meek and mild baby Jesus from the nativity scene getting mocked, flogged, twisted, struck, crucified, pierced, murdered and eventually buried. Terrible, yet totally necessary to fulfil what he set out to accomplish in the first place. 

Yet throughout, Jesus maintains silence when He is mocked and flogged by the soldiers. He shows authority and wisdom when scrutinized by Pilate. He is enthroned prematurely on Pilate's judgement seat at Gabbatha without bringing judgement there and then, as he very easily could have done. He looks on as the people confess that they have no king other than Caesar, despite the fact that he assures and proves to them on many occasions that he is King. He carries his own cross to Golgotha, alongside two common criminals - associating with sinners right until the very end. After he has endured countless tortures, he is stripped naked and his his clothes are divided by casting lots. And despite the agony of the previous few hours he continues to reveal his compassion and humanity by caring for his mother and by requesting a drink to quench his thirst. 

He is in total control throughout the whole ordeal, to the point of giving the final word when stating 'It is finished.' It ends when he says, and not a moment before.  

I have read that chapter on dozens of occasions, but what stood out to me more than anything this morning is just how in control Jesus was. The obedience he maintained towards his Father's plan was totally unwavering. 

Submit your life to the God who has already fought your battles and has already won your freedom. You may feel tried, tested and desperately in need of a Saviour today and John 19 shows in glorious detail the extent the Saviour went to secure that relationship with God.  

Read it and weep.