Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The antidote

I absolutely love it when God speaks to me through the Bible. It's often when I'm least expecting it or when I need it the most.  

The other day, as I was scurrying to work, I thought about just how busy life was at the moment. Work is hectic and demanding, every day. Helping to start a new church demands much time. And having a small human at home, demanding food, clean nappies and access to everything he can possibly reach is amazing but relentless. And that's before we even touch on chores, family time, hobbies and socialising.  

People enjoy different things to try and escape the clutter and responsibility of busy, adult lives. Binge drinking at the weekends, playing video games, smoking weed in the evenings, 'getting away' from it all on as many holidays as their credit cards will allow - there could be all kinds of pursuits.  

I've just read a sentence in the book of Ecclesiastes which is a book that Solomon, one of the most wise and revered men to have ever lived, wrote in his old age. Near the end of a life filled with huge responsibility, success and favour, his antidote to 'life pressure' is this:   

'Do not be in a hurry to leave the king's presence.' (Ecc 8 v 3) 

If you're reading this and you know God, or you're reading this and wondering if God is real, try and spend time in His presence. Turn off the laptop, put the phone on silent, forget about that meeting you've got later or the programme you wanted to watch and spend time with God; open your heart, speak to Him about what's on your mind and then wait for a response.  

It's so easy to treat time with God like a chore for the day or a box ticked as something you ought to do. Time with Him is a vital antidote to seeing burdens, busyness and responsibilities handled correctly. His wisdom is phenomenal and His patience is constant.  

Solomon was right - make space for Him and don't be in a rush to leave.I just tried it and it really works. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Some blogs write themselves

When God intervenes, he always turns our mess into an amazing message - truth that tells of transformation. I could wax lyrical about God's grace, all day long. But sometimes it's helpful to hear what others have to say about him too. I received this email earlier:

"Hi mate,

Walking from the car park to work this morning I had the most unexpected picture. I saw a young man who, as a boy, had been without a proper father, his Dad being a drunk with whom he had had little meaningful contact over his formative years. The young man had struggled with life and had been in and out of trouble; his single Mum had not been able to cope with his mood swings and anger.

What an amazing God we have who cared enough about me and you that he kept on whispering in my ear that what I was doing was not His plan and that He had something far better for me to do – not least to help make sure that my older son grew into a fine Father himself.

Looking forward to seeing you later.

Dad xx"

Life could (and certainly would) have gone down a very different path, had God not stepped in.