Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Some blogs write themselves

When God intervenes, he always turns our mess into an amazing message - truth that tells of transformation. I could wax lyrical about God's grace, all day long. But sometimes it's helpful to hear what others have to say about him too. I received this email earlier:

"Hi mate,

Walking from the car park to work this morning I had the most unexpected picture. I saw a young man who, as a boy, had been without a proper father, his Dad being a drunk with whom he had had little meaningful contact over his formative years. The young man had struggled with life and had been in and out of trouble; his single Mum had not been able to cope with his mood swings and anger.

What an amazing God we have who cared enough about me and you that he kept on whispering in my ear that what I was doing was not His plan and that He had something far better for me to do – not least to help make sure that my older son grew into a fine Father himself.

Looking forward to seeing you later.

Dad xx"

Life could (and certainly would) have gone down a very different path, had God not stepped in.