Thursday, 18 July 2013

Three years later

Exactly three years ago today I wrote my first ever blog. It included this quote: 'We'd much rather be included in something truly grand than to have to create the meaning of our lives.' A notion that I guess I was hoping was real truth at the time.

If you told me three years ago that I would now be a Dad and helping to lead a new church venue, I would not have believed you, despite wanting that quote to be true. If you told me that I would baptise well over a dozen people, start several Life Groups and see many people respond to Jesus' claims, I just simply would not have believed you either. 

This life throws up some amazing highs and some difficult lows - I'm sure we're all aware of that. But with the benefit of three years hindsight now, I can truly say that life with Jesus is the greatest of adventures. Through travel, unemployment, deaths, relaxation, witnessing childbirth, hectic schedules, countless weddings, quiet nights in on the sofa - you name it; it has been the most amazing adventure handing all glory over to Jesus and seeing what He does with it. 

I truly believe that Jesus takes the everyday bump and grind of Earthly living, even the boredom and the burdens and turns them into amazing blessings. He turns our mess into a powerful message. 

I pray the Lord's prayer over my son every bedtime, so the words are always playing through my mind these days. It's how Jesus taught us to pray,so I figure it's a great place to start, particularly as I'm not sure what a baby wants prayer for specifically. One line I particularly love is: 'For yours is the kingdom, the power and all the glory - forever and ever!'

It has been amazing to see some of His kingdom and power at work in these last three years, in so many different ways. But three years 'aint nothing like 'forever and ever' - and that sounds truly grand to me. 

With Jesus at the wheel, I can't even begin to wrap my mind around what things might look like in another three years time...