Wednesday, 23 October 2013


It's amazing to hear the thoughts of somebody who has just saved a life ( In the last week my father-in-law received a new kidney from a very generous donor - one of his own brothers, no less. A big sacrifice to have made and one that we are all so thankful for. 

We've all been weighing that sacrifice and it's easy to see from the immediate effects just how much of a difference it might make to somebody who's health and lifestyle has been so impacted by kidney failure. It got me thinking about Jesus, as these scenarios habitually do. How often do I/we take for granted that huge sacrifice that He made on the cross? Because of this kidney transplant my father-in-law gets his life back. On the cross, Jesus surrendered His body to pay off the debt that my sins had accrued - I got/get a new life back too. Something of a cosmic blood transfusion took place when he gave up His all so that I could have access to my God forever. I got a new heart and a new mind when He did that. A truly spectacular display of selflessness and sacrifice. 

Not to detract from what the brother did, but my father-in-law deserved a new kidney. I didn't deserve the transplant that I receive from Jesus, at all, but He still chose to go ahead with it anyway - such is His commitment to my transformed life. 

You may find that sacrifice a tough thing to gauge - you may think it's too improbable or that it's grace that you're beyond receiving. It's not and you're not.